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High Quality Products

Our growth and the continuous upgrading demand a very well trained staff to meet the company's motive of "Quality and service with every truck load. Company engineers work in tandem with our customers to cater any new mix designs, professional service that might be needed. Step by step until the completion of each project whether big or small.

Creative Concrete Mixed Designe

With the needs of modern construction as a priority, GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE offers a highly versatile product mix that caters to fulil the requirement of structure and solution to the construction industry.
We are offering various type of concrete to provide the solution to different requirement of concrete: Concrete grade from M10 to M100, Ultra High Strength Concrete M180, High early strength concrete, Temperature controlled concrete, Self-Compacting Concrete, High Performance concrete with low core temperature and durable concrete, Stamp and Coloured Concrete, Fiber reinforced Concrete, Pavement Quality Concrete, Dry Lean concrete, Light weight concrete, Pervious Concrete etc.

Our Vision

Our vision statement can be encapsulated in our core motto of "CONCRETE A LIFE TIME RELATIONSHIP" based on integrity, performance, value, and client satisfaction. We will continue to meet the changing needs of our clients with our quality services and providing best value for their money

24/7 Production

GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE offers an array of services to enhance the value of the partnership with clients, in the process vastly improving service management capabilities, reining construction practices, and cultivating the establishment of new standards throughout the industry. In simple words "For your concrete demands, you can always rely on us".

Research and Development

To ensure that its product offering keeps pace with the growing demands of the construction industry, GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE gives product research emphasis. It has set up state of the art, well equipped and professionally manned research labs to continuously push the limits of excellence in RMC. In our RMC plant, we have an onsite R&D laboratory equipped with latest testing machines conirming to the relevant codes of the Bureau of Indian Standard to carry out vital test on raw materials and green and hardened concrete. Lab personnel ensure a thorough inspection and testing of incoming materials, carry out sampling and testing of concrete, review test results and maintain the records of the same. We have well professional team having experience more than 15 years in the ield of concrete industry.


Energy savings, ire resistance, strength and long-term stability, impervious to weather and insect damage—these are just a few of the sustainable beneits provided by ready mix concrete. The most signiicant ways this concern is exhibited is through its utilization of waste byproducts such as ly ash and slag to manufacture blended cements which help conserve limestone resources and to restrict carbon emission.